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Zac Efron Dad Bod?

Yep, that’s right I said it. Zac Efron has a dad bod and the internet went bananas. The actor best known for starring as Troy Bolton in High School Musical has transformed his body to a complete 180. When filming for his new documentary, Down to Earth on Netflix, the man has had a body shift. The physique cut that was there as a lifeguard in Baywatch is now replaced by the hair on his chest and not so much muscle. 

There has been a lot of interpretation of this body transformation since the picture was put on Twitter. Some are in favor of the dad bod. There are girls out there who do appreciate the dad bod. I know many guys with dad bods who have gotten with tons of girls and the women have appreciated it. Then some people are against it. People are body shaming Efron on social media and displaying their hatred. A lot of people are also shaming people for calling it a dad bod claiming that “Just because there is hair does not mean it is a dad bod.” Well, what you idiots also did not realize is that he has gained weight. They did not look past the chest hair, replicating the problem in our society. We judge what we first see, in this case, the hair on his chest.

Me, I do not have any problems with it. I just think people are losing their shit over nothing. The dude works out a lot and will probably get back to his normal physique. Girls will probably be able to fantasize over his body in a short time.

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