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Chris D'elia: Perv on screen, perv in real life too?

As people say, sometimes the most obvious things are right under our noses. Chris D’Elia, a moderately famous C-list celeb, known for his standup comedy and few acting roles, just got exposed for doing exactly what his on screen counterpart did: praying on underage girls. In the second season of hit Netflix show “You,” D’Elia plays a famous comedian who takes advantage of underage girls, which the main character Joe discovers, leading to his eventual killing. To his credit, I thought he played the role really well. Looking back on it though, perhaps he was able to play his part so easily simply by calling upon what he does in his real life. Pretty fucking funny, if you ask me. To think that a comedian who plays a comedian that harasses underage girls got called out for harassing girls in real life, surely that can’t be a coincidence. What makes this situation even better is the fact that this fucking idiot spoke about this in one of his podcasts, eluding to the fact that anyone who thinks fishy things happen in Hollywood is just bored and has nothing better to do. ( That may be the case most times, but this time you just bit yourself in the ass my friend. If you liked this guy, sorry if he gets cancelled. I’m happy that I personally thought his comedy was trash and never gave a rat’s ass about him anyways.

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