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Yep... Football is Back

The title says it all, we will have our Sunday’s back.

Week 2 of the NFL season kicks off this week and per usual, I am pumped. I got my fantasy teams drafted, I acquired some new colts gear (sko horse), and my voice is nice and ready to go for all of the screaming I will be doing at the TV.

What typically is a normal excitement for football fans at this time, you can tell that it feels different. For me it isn’t as much excitement, it is gratitude. I feel a huge sense of gratitude knowing that America can feel a sense of normalcy in the fall. Something that this country and the world is waiting for, the day we can truly get back to normal.

Football starting does show us that there is light at the end of the tunnel. While it may not be your typical year of seeing fans in the stands and seeing funny tailgate videos, this truly can be a time to appreciate the beauty of the game. No extra stuff, just four quarters of NFL football. I am excited for the season to start and I know the sports world is too. However, we still have to remain vigilant of the challenges we face every day. If you are hosting some people to watch a game, wear a mask, wash your hands, follow social distancing guidelines and you can enjoy the season but keep yourself and your peers healthy.

Here’s to a great and safe football season!

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