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Why the Bubble Will Work

To the NBA, I congratulate you.

You have figured it out. Based on the evidence shown through the exhibition games and life in the bubble, the league has figured out how to bring back basketball in a sage and organized fashion. Players for the most part have taken it seriously and have abided all the rules ordered by the NBA. I say for the most part because Lou Williams recently went to the club to get "wings". People hyped these wings up so I hope the wings were worth his 10-day quarantine. 

Nevertheless, the league was able to put a strategic plan in place to make sure they have the best season they can with the circumstances given. They established a lab they can use to make sure that COVID-19 testing gets back within a very short period. They have an efficient protocol that is used in case someone does a test positive that includes solid isolation and contact tracing process. During the exhibition games, players and coaches on the bench are wearing masks and have chairs that are distanced apart. The league's protocols and plans are working.

So as the NBA officially begins its restart today, I have full confidence that the league will be able to get through those games without that many problems and be able to crown a champion. The success of the NBA is showing how mature this league is in its operations. Unlike leagues such as baseball who are having an outbreak in the Miami Marlins.

If there ends up being a cancellation in sports such as baseball, I am pretty certain you can count on basketball to be there for the whole duration of a season.

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