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  • Oliver Pine

Who Would You Rather Be: Charlie Harper or Barney Stinson?

Now here is an argument that is widely under talked about. Which fictional character would you rather be, Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men or Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. In this article, well be debating which womanizer people would rather be. Lets start with Charlie Harper:

Charlie is a character played by Charlie Sheen and he's probably the biggest womanizer on TV. The relationships he has had on screen include Denise Richards, his stalker neighbor Rose who he befriends, Frankie (played by Jenna Elfman), and Miss Pasternak (played by Missi Pyle). Oh and who can forget the Heather Locklear episode. Not only has Charlie slept with hot women (hypothetically of course. After all, its only television). But he also lives a life as being a highly successful jingle writer, rich famous, spoiled, drinking machine. Just like Sheen in real life. Also, the heart of Charlie Harper isn't the women he "sleeps" with, but its the relationship he has to his brother Alan and nephew Jake. Charlie also always gets ripped on by his maid Berta, who her and Rose, make a lot of the best parts of the show.

Barney Stinson is a character played by Neil Patrick Harris. NPH is also more known for his role as Doogie Howser before playing the ladies man Barney Stinson. As for Barneys job, he is literally the fall person for his company's wrong doings. Over the course of the show, Barney successfully runs play after play after play on women in the gangs pub. He sleeps with over 300 in the series and even made an entire march madness bracket to figure out which women wanted to ruin his life. Aside from that, Barney does end up with Robin (for a short period of time) and at the series finale he finds out he has a baby daughter. From episodes like Swarley, Slap Bet, The Naked Man, and The Playbook, Barney never misses a beat. And just like Charlie, Barney is also highly successful and owns a pretty suit house (or in Barney's case, apartment).

Overall, this is very, very close to call but personally, I would rather be Charlie Harper (SPOILER ALERT) before he dies off in the last episode. However, being Barney would be just as fun.

What do you think, which womanizing character would you rather be? Comment below if you'd rather be Charlie Harper or Barney Stinson.

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