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  • Evan K

When Tragedy Strikes...

This is never an article that I envisioned writing. Normally, I would be writing about Major League Baseball, the NFL, or some random review on a TV Show I watched to kill time during the quarantine summer. However, recent tragedies have forced me to change course.

It's important that we all, in this time of confusion within our country, come together and stand up for what is right. The current climate around the world has made me take a step back for a moment in time and reflect on what happens when a tragedy strikes.

You would never think it would happen to you, or anyone you know. 

Until it does. 

You are not prepared for the news, and are beyond belief when you hear it. So, when tragedy strikes, how do you look at yourself? Do you run, do you lose all purpose and hide away until it passes. Or do you take tragedy in stride and learn from it, making you a better person and elevating the people around you in need of a friend. 

I have never been someone who was in the “in” crowd in high school. I always had friends, most from out of town, who would always support me in my time of need. I’ve always been thankful for the life I have lived and the family I was fortunate enough to be born into. Although I’m nowhere near perfect, I am proud of the person who I have become. But that's just me. I cannot speak for anyone but myself.

Through these horrible tragedies I realized that when the world is lost and confused, we should all be there for one another. Black, White, Latino, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Mentally Ill, and those who’s lives are on the line due to COVID-19, we are all one race when the sun goes down, the Human Race. And no matter who our friends are and are not, we need to come together and heal as one community. The only way out is through. 

So when tragedy hits, how do you react and look at yourself? Do you run or do you let it be? 

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