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What It’s Like Being a Jets Fan

By Kyle Koppel,

It’s a chilly Sunday morning and everything in the world is fine right before 1pm football starts. You go to the store and get yourself a 12 pack and some wings. Everything seems fine in the world until you realize your a Jets fan. When you come to the realization, a 12 pack just won’t do it for the pain and stress you are about to be put through which happens to be every Sunday. The games start and the pain begins, just waiting to get destroying. As a person that has been a super fan of the Jets for the past 18 years I have been alive, every year is just as bad as the next. Something is always promised but never happens.

Mark Sanchez was our closest thing to seeing a super bowl in a long, long time. Jamal Adams wants out and Sam Darnold might not be the guy we thought he originally was. To top it off Adam Gase is our head coach. We are one of the worst franchises in the history of the NFL. The only other fan base that feels our pain is the Cleveland Browns. Imagine having Odell and Jarvis Landry and still not going to the playoffs what a joke of a team. Us Jets fans fight with every fan base how this year will be better even though we know somehow somehow someway it will go so horribly bad. The Giants are the better franchise and have better coaching even a shitty college QB that somehow turned decent. FUCK DANNY DIMES. Then we have to deal with the patriots and their fans. The most un-humble and annoying fan base in all sports. They do not except one loss and all they talk about is Brady. Well boys Brady got up and dipped so finally time to STFU.

Every football season I look at myself in the mirror and ask why I ever inflicted this type of pain on myself from a young age. Being a Jets fan is one of the toughest things you have to deal with in all of sports. Every football team has one player that want’s to stay and be good despite wins or loses. No one wants to play for us. As it couldn’t be rough enough to be a Knick and Mets fan I also have to be a Jets. To top it off who likes a Jets fan. We are obnoxious and argue with everyone that want’s to tell us how we are going to be bad again.

My best suggestion to you if your reading this and are a Jets fan, roll one up and get a 12 pack of brews because you already know somehow, someway, this season will be a total shit show just like the last. As we always do let’s believe that we will have great season despite all the haters. Bleed Green lets go get ready for injuries and sickness.

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