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Washington Redskins Controversy

As if we all thought the Washington Redskins had enough issues as it is with owner Dan Snyder running the team, now they have even more issues. Over the past 24 hours, FedEx (the top sponsor of the Redskins stadium) has announced that they want the team to officially change their name from the Redskins to something else. Honestly, with the state of the country as it is, we all saw this coming. In addition to that Nike recently removed all Washington products from their website in efforts to have the Redskins make the rebrand. While this is obviously problematic for Washington, its not fully surprising. Washington is conducting in House interviews and out of house interviews to review the teams name. However, what impact does this have of teams in different leagues. Well, being that the only other team with Native American roots is the Chicago Blackhawks it is different for them. Chicago recently came out with a statement saying that the name "Blackhawks" comes from honoring a military unit from World War 1. But with the news about Washington changing their name, will Chicago fall in line too. What about other teams like the Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Cheifs, Cleveland Indians (who already removed their Chief Wahoo logo), Florida State Seminoles, Notre Dame Fightin' Irish, the Minnesota Vikings, or even the New Zealand National Rugby team who are known as the "All Blacks."

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