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USA Baseball Dream Team

A few days ago I was listening to "The Compound" a podcast hosted by Ian Happ of the Chicago Cubs and they were giving their "Dream Roster" for the World Baseball Classic that will (hopefully) be played next year. So I have now decided to give my dream roster for the 2021 World Baseball Classic team. All current MLB players are in play and must be born in the United States.

Starting Infield:

1st Base: Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs

2nd Base: DJ LaMahieu, New York Yankees

Short Stop: Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies.

3rd Base: Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies.

Backup Infielders:

1st Base: Paul Goldschmidt, Freddy Freeman

2nd Base: Jeff McNeil,

Short Stop: Trea Turner, Paul Dejong,

3rd Base: Kris Bryant, Alex Bregman

Starting Outfield:

Left Field: Cody Bellinger

Center Field: Mike Trout

Right Field: Christian Yelich

Backup Outfielders:

Mookie Betts, Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge

Starting Pitchers:

Garrett Cole

Jacob DeGrom

Clayton Kershaw

Aaron Nola

Max Scherzer


Marcus Stroman

Kirby Yates

Jack Flaherty

Brad Hand

Craig Kimbrel

Adam Ottavino


Josh Hader

Manager: Aaron Boone (traditionally it is and should be Jim Leyland, but I am having fun with this list so why not)

Bench Coach: David Ross

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