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UFC Fight Island Picks

What’s up motherfuckers? I’m back with picks for the best card I’ve ever fucking seen. Namajunas vs. Andrade 2, Yan vs. Aldo, #Blessed vs. Volkanovski 2, and Masvidal vs. Usman all in one night??? Get the fuck out. Namajunas vs. Andrade, who’s gonna win? I gotta go with my main girl Rose (-195). Yan vs. Aldo is quite interesting. The upcoming Russian beast or the Brazilian vet. In my opinion this fight is the most difficult to predict on the card, but I’d go with Yan as the safer bet (-250). The safest bet of that fight is the over 2.5 rounds (-190) if you’re looking to make some bread. #blessed vs. Alexander The Great 2 is going to be insane, but I gotta go with my man #blessed. Holloway has the size, and the technical ability to go back in and take his belt back. My pick is #blessed (+175). For the final fight of the night….the much anticipated Usman vs. Masvidal. I gotta go with STREET JESUS, MR. 305 himself to knock the absolute fuck out of Usman. My pick is Masvidal (+215) and fuck it why not in round 1 (+650).

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