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  • Nicholas Z.

UFC 4 Officially Revealed

Part of the promise to the mega-card at UFC 251 was the reveal of the brand new videogame, UFC 4. Earlier today, the official trailer to the game has come out. The game looks very promising with better graphics and a larger amount of moves. This really compliments the real-world of fighting as anything can happen. The two fighters on the cover are Jorge Masvidal and Israel Adesanya. Both fighters had outstanding years in 2019 and are considered the top two fighters from that year. Throughout the trailer, it goes through how both fighters became the stars they are today. It shows in-game footage of the two fighters in their early fighting days. Jorge Masvidal has a remarkable story from fighting in backyards hosted by fighting legend Kimbo Slice. The videogame trailer complimented the story with the in-game footage of the backyard street fights. This could possibly be a new addition to the UFC videogames. This game also includes boxing legends Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua if you pre-order UFC 4. Overall, this was a very exciting trailer with a promising videogame.

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