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Trevor Lawrence Gets Engaged!

Beware all Clemson fans and potential Jacksonville Jaguars fans, Trever Lawrence got on one knee and popped the question to his long time girlfriend over the weekend. Damn I wish I could be her. Think about it, she never has to work again because her now-fiance is going to be the number one overall draft pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Lawrence could have waited and gotten any other girl he wanted but he chose to stay loyal to his girlfriend which I give him total respect for. Good on you Trevor. The only bad thing for him is that if his fiancé now divorces him in 2 years, she now becomes the owner of half of his estate and finances. So my advice to you Trevor is to make sure that she is really the one cause you dont want to lose 20+ million dollars next year. Now, I heard the rumor that since his knee wasn't down in the picture he is running a fake, and as funny as it is, it is the real deal and not a fake play. He really proposed to her. So good luck to you Trevor and soon to be just as rich wife #1. Hopefully they will be married till death do them part. Or she will take all his money next year in the divorce...

Who knows.

But congrats to Trevor Lawrence from all of us at 4th and 20 Media. Now go make a ton of money in the NFL!

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