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Top 5 NBA Players in the Western Conference

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

The other day I ranked the top five players in the Eastern Conference and felt that it was pretty tough. However, the Western Conference has better players and fitting only the top five should be very hard. I will be ranking the top 5 players in the Western Conference, when healthy. 

Number one is obvious though. The GOAT, LeBron James. Even in year 17, LeBron continues to dominate the whole entire league while averaging 25, 8 and 10. Although it doesn’t look like the MVP will be his, he has led the Lakers to a number one seed and is ready to add to the resume in other ways. The resume is absolutely stacked for the greatest player of all time. He’s a 16x All Star, won three finals along with three finals MVPs. He’s a four time regular season MVP and lastly has a scoring title to his name. To be honest, number one shouldn’t be a question, the King has solidified himself as the best player in the West and I believe in the NBA. Whether you love or hate the guy, you have to respect his game and everything he has done for the game of basketball. 

Number two is between AD and Kawhi, but I’m gonna have to give it to the Klaw. Kawhi is a 2x finals MVP, 2x champion, and a 2x DPOY. When healthy, Kawhi is THE best two-way player. His ability to lock up your favorite player and then come down the court and score is second to none. What can’t Kawhi do? Coming off an amazing season in which he won the first championship in Toronto Raptors history, Kawhi has kept his foot on the gas. Teaming up with Paul George in LA was a great move for both players and they look like the biggest threat to LeBron, AD and the Lakers. 

Anthony Davis is my third best player in the West. Similar to Kawhi, AD is an elite defender and an elite offensive player. Davis is so versatile and can do it all. Davis doesn’t have all the accolades, given so because he’s played on Hornets/Pelicans teams that were pretty horrendous. He is however a 7x All Star, 3x All-NBA 1st team, and a 1x All Defensive 1st Team. Davis is in the running for DPOY, but their main focus is bringing in number 17. Once the season concludes in October, I’d keep an eye out for Davis cause he could potentially leave the Lakers and join a new team. 

Coming in at four is James Harden. It is fascinating how easy Harden makes it look. He averaged 34 PPG, 6 rebounds and 7 assists. Those numbers are incredible considering the fact that he has to share the ball with another ball-dominant player in Russell Westbrook.  The Beard won an MVP back in 2018 and is an 8x NBA All-Star. Whether it is stepping back for three or his ability to get to the basket, Harden does it all. Coming into the league with the OKC Thunder Harden was known throughout the league as the best 6th man, but he has shown everyone that he was more than just a 6th man. Harden is arguably the best shot creator in the NBA and one of the best we have ever seen. Many point to Harden’s defense, although it isn't the best, his offense makes up for it and more. 

This last spot was between Curry, Doncic, Westbrook and Lillard, but I ended up giving it to Curry. When healthy, Curry is the best point guard in our league. His ability to get himself involved but also get teammates like Klay and Draymond involved is very opening. Curry is the best shooter that we have ever seen and has had seasons like no others. In 2015, Curry won his first MVP award and the next year he was named the first unanimous MVP in league history. People often point at the fact that because Curry doesn’t have a Finals MVP, his rings don’t mean much, that's blasphemy. An example of how valuable Curry is to the Warriors is this past season. The team was absolutely terrible without Steph, and didn't qualify to play in Orlando. Before you claim that Lillard or Westbrook is better than Curry, think about this. In the prime of their careers, who has had more success and has always been a problem in the NBA. Enough said. 

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