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Top 5 Active NFL WRs if they played in the "Perfect" system

There are many questions when discussing the best receivers in the NFL today. Some names in that discussion include DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, and OBJ. In this article, I am going to dive into detail on the top 5 wide receivers IF they played in the perfect system for them. Now, this list has to do with playing in a system that doesn't already have a stacked WR core, so don't expect to see Michael Thomas on the Buccaneers with Godwin and Mike Evans. So, it's time to get this list started.

(List involves any player that has played in the last 2 seasons)***

Number 5: Keenan Allen w/ the Seattle Seahawks & Russell Wilson-

After a couple unfortunate seasons with the kidney issue and the torn ACL, Keenan Allen is fully healthy and is a surefire top wide receiver in the game today. Allen is one of the best route runners in all of the NFL, and knows how to create separation with ease. With Allen out wide or in the slot, it would be a dream for Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll to have a premium target in their franchise. Russell would avoid many sacks and not have to do a lot of dancing in the pocket with Allen and Lockett at his disposal. Tyler Locketts game is mostly speed and he can beat you over the top down the field, but Keenan would make life so much easier for Wilson with his quick intermediate routes, as well as beating you down the field based off of his speed. Keenan Allen's perfect fit is easily up in Seattle with a Hall of Famer throwing him the football.

Predicting Keenan Allen stats (16 games w/ Seattle)-105 Catches, 1200 Yards, 10 TDs

Number 4: Julio Jones w/ the Los Angelas Rams & Jared Goff-

Ever since Julio Jones stepped on an NFL field, he has dominated. Plain and simple. Matt Ryan and Julio have as strong of a connection as any QB/WR duo in the league. Over the last couple years, Ryan has started to fall off and lost his touch. If you put Julio with the Rams, he would have new life and a QB who people are calling the next Matt Ryan, Jared Goff. Putting Jones in a system ran by Sean McVay would create so many ways for Julio to get the ball in his hands. Julio can beat you with his track speed, route running, or just straight up mossing the hell out of you. Having Cooper Kupp in the slot, Robert Woods and Julio on the outside would be deadly. Goff throws a beautiful deep ball and would thrive with Julio being there for Goff as a reliable target that can just go up and get it.

Predicting Julio Jones stats (16 games w/ LA)-94 Catches, 1300 Yards, 9 TDs

Number 3: Michael Thomas w/ the Green Bay Packers & Aaron Rodgers

This is a dream list so I had to put him on a different team, but I personally think Michael Thomas is already in the best system he can possibly be in with Drew Brees and New Orleans. Thomas was widely looked at as the best WR in 2019, shattering the record books for catches, and receiving yards in a players first 3 seasons. With Thomas paired up with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, it would finally give Aaron the weapons he needs. On top of that, wouldn't Davante Adams and Michael Thomas on the same team be a nightmare for any teams secondary? I would be fucking terrified if I was the defensive coordinator of the opposing team. Putting MT on the Packers would let the packers offense breath, that way Adams isn't double teamed every drive, and will give room for Aaron Jones to run free. Also, MT runs his routes like nobody is guarding him, Rodgers always buys enough time to make the right throw, but Thomas would make life a lot easier on Aaron. Rodgers only target right now is Adams, but putting another stud on the outside like Michael Thomas would maybe help Rodgers win that second super bowl he's been waiting for.

Predicting Michael Thomas stats (16 games w/ GB)-115 Catches, 1350 Yards, 11 TDs

Number 2: DeAndre Hopkins w/ the Philadelphia Eagles & Carson Wentz

It was really tough to decide which team would fit perfectly for Hopkins, but in reality, he fits with anyone. If Nuk can play with Brock Osweiler, he can play with anyone. I thought to myself, who is the one QB in the league that makes the most out of nothing, and I immediately though about Carson Wentz. The Eagles last season were decimated with injuries, and Carson had absolutely nobody to throw the football to. There was a point last season where Greg Ward was relevant, and nobody knows who the fuck that is. Hopkins would give Wentz a steady target to throw to whenever he is in trouble, and there is nobody in the NFL that is more reliable than Hopkins. It is known that Nuk has by far the best hands in the league, and can pretty much catch any ball that is thrown to him. Hopkins was nearly flawless in the 2019 season with his drop rate, and the Eagles lost many of their games to dropped balls (cough cough Nelson Agholor). With Hopkins, Alshon, and Zach Ertz, Carson Wentz would have an MVP caliber season, and a lot of that would be because of the talent of Nuk Hopkins.

Predicting DeAndre Hopkins stats (16 games w/ PHILA)-108 Catches, 1400 Yards, 12 TDs

Number 1: Antonio Brown w/ the Baltimore Ravens & Lamar Jackson-

Now this might get people a little triggered, but I don't really care. Over the last decade, Antonio Brown has been BY FAR the best WR in the world. No questions asked. His stats over the last decade have crushed everyone else's on the football field, and there has not a more consistent WR than Antonio Brown. Putting his off the field issues aside, lets talk about why he would be an absolute monster in Baltimore. First off, AB has a very strong relationship with Lamar Jackson and "Hollywood" Brown, since all 3 are from sunny South Florida. Lamar and AB have worked out in the offseason for the last 2 years, and you can already tell by highlights that they would be something special. With ABs impeccable short route running and Jacksons quick release, AB would be running 75 yards down the field with the ball on multiple occasions. AB has great footwork and knows how to make tough catches. With Lamar still improving as a thrower of the football, AB would be able to help Lamar go catch those tough balls thrown his way. AB is known for creating the "Tony Toe Tap", so I think we would see a lot of amazing down the sideline grabs from AB. The Ravens already have a stacked roster, but adding Antonio Brown may put them over the top to win a Super Bowl, and 'business would be boomin' for AB(Pretending like the off the field issues don't exist.

Predicting Antonio Brown stats (16 games w/ BAL)-110 Catches, 1350 Yards, 13 TDs

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