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Top 10 Major League Team Jerseys

Since im bored and trying to do as much content as possible, I have decided to make a list of the top 10 baseball team jerseys in the game today. This article will be 10-6 and later this week, ill do 5-1. A few things to note:

  1. Each team can be represented with one jersey

  2. No team will have multiple jerseys, all jerseys will count for one team

  3. This is my list so sucks if you dont like it.

Here we go:

10. New York Mets: Honestly, I am a sucker for a black jersey and the mets throwback black jerseys are indisputable. The lettering of the jersey really pops and is on my list of jerseys that I want to purchase soon.

9. Texas Rangers: They're new jerseys are cool, the script Rangers logo goes really well and they just look clean overall. They also added a baby blue jersey which is elite.

8. Padres: The New Khaki and Brown and White redesign is very cool. It brings old school colors into todays new school game. I currently own the white Machado jersey and the patch on the side also is clean.

7. Orioles: Sorry but I am a sucker for Orange and Black jerseys and the orioles orange jersey is beautiful. With a scripted black orioles across the chest it looks super clean.

6. Blue Jays: The new baby blue blue jays jersey is super clean. I am a sucker for baby blue jersey but who isn't...

Thats my 10-6, next week ill be back with my top 5 jerseys in baseball.

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