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  • Oliver Pine

Tiz The Law Wins the Belmont, Looks Promising

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It was a rainy day for horse racing on April 20th, as the Belmont Stakes took place at 5:40 pm eastern time. The heavy favorite in this one was Tiz the Law, who got 38 out of 39 votes in the Top 3-year old poll. The horse had the best odds of 4/5 to win, and proved to be the best horse winning by 15 lengths. He became the first horse since 1882 to win the Belmont Stakes as a New York bred horse, and to do it the way he did was impressive to say the least.

Now if you didn’t watch the race, you may not understand how unbelievable this horse really is. Like I mentioned earlier, he won the race by 15 lengths, AND WAS LEADING THE ENTIRE WAY. He did not lose a step the entire race, something I have never seen as a fan of the sport. He did all of this on a rainy day, and mud on the track usually alters the horses’ pace. Not Tiz the Law, he did not lose his stride and showed how dominant of a runner he is. 

Tiz the Law showed promise as a runner and separated himself from the rest of the Belmont winners. Does he have what it takes to win the Kentucky Derby? Does he have what it takes to achieve Triple Crown Status? The future's looking bright for Tiz the Law, and we will see what he can do when he runs on the biggest stage yet: the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, September 5th. 

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