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TikTok Gone Forever?

In any sort of presidency, the person holding office often makes a decision that can lead to controversy. Whether that may be foreign or domestic, the decisions a POTUS makes can make them remembered in a good or bad way. In some cases though, some decisions are so outlandish that you will be remembered for, and Donald Trump has achieved that yet again. 

President Trump has signed an executive order that states that if a company in the U.S does not buy the rights of TikTok from its Chinese parent companies in the next 45 days, then Trump will ban the app from operating in the country. This move is made out of a concern for national security as the country's ties with China are starting to distance amid the pandemic.

Many people criticize Trump for his policy, but I LOVE this move. TikTok might be the dumbest and most annoying app ever invented. There legit is no purpose, like actually. People “renegade” and do the ‘savage” dance, it does not make sense. I will be walking down a sidewalk and run into people blocking my path because they will be doing a TikTok dance standing their phone on something. This has happened to me in PUBLIC, like in the downtown area of my city.

Teenage girls can no longer make millions of dollars for doing dances that any idiot can do. Your free pass to a job that pays well and does very little is over in a month and a half, hopefully. Now before you say that I am sexist and misogynistic it also affects men. Jackson Mahomes, among other famous male Tiktoker's, is essentially out of a job and now really has to rely on his brother's 500 million dollar contract, even though he already was.

I despise the app, I hope it stops operating in the United States. American companies have more meaningful and more useful things to invest in than TikTok, such as vaccines for this little thing called COVID-19 and more resources to help combat racial injustice. So in other words, TikTok can take a hike.

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