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Three Money Making MLB Deals That Got Screwed

So COVID-19 has screwed over a lot of things. No graduation for the class of 2020, closure of summer camps across the country, and not allowing the citizens of the U.S. to live their normal routined lives. However we know that out of all this it does not compare to the ass-whooping baseball took during this period of time. People have forgotten the money moves made this offseason, so let's look at three offseason moves that got screwed over because of COVID-19.

  1. Mookie Betts and the Los Angeles Dodgers

 This is without a question a big one. Just simply the time and effort that was put into making this thing work is already a slap in the face for the three teams involved. May I also remind you that at one point this trade had to be revised. Betts signed a one year 27 million dollar deal making him the highest ever given to an arbitration player. Don’t get me wrong the talent is there on both sides of the field, but with the recent history of Dodgers postseason play and the already shortened season, it will be a struggle moving forward.

  1. Kris Bryant and the Chicago Cubs

 Theo Epstein pulled some strings to keep the man that every girl crushes on in baseball in the windy city for one more year. Bryant's 18.6 million dollar contract puts him in a little bit more of a hot seat in the Cubs 2020 arbitration class. Javier Baez, Albert Almora Jr., and Wilson Contreras are also among that class. Bryant's play has to me seemed to have gone down as of late along with the Cubs inability to go far in the postseason since 2016. If Bryant does not perform in this short stint of a season, the pressure of trying to acquire young talent could fall in the hands of Epstein and that could involve dealing Bryant somewhere.

  1. Francisco Lindor and the Cleveland Indians

Ladies and gentleman, this one hits close to home. As a die-hard Tribe fan, we all know that this might be Lindor's final year. His 1 year 17.5 million dollar deal took a lot of discussion between parties to get done. The problem is simple with the Indians, they don’t have the money. The Indians are one of the poorest teams in baseball as valued as the 25th most valuable franchise. The part that sucks is that the Indians in recent years don’t start out great and in this season you do not have room to start slow. So if the Indians can’t get going early and fall into a slump, the playoffs could be out of the picture and so could Lindor. 

Go Tribe!

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