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The World of Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is more than just setting a lineup and seeing if you won after the Monday Night Football game, it's an intense 3 month war that doesn't stop until the very last game.

I have had my share of many ups and downs when it comes to fantasy football. I am in a league that has been going on for almost a decade, that consists of a first place trophy and of course, a last place trophy(we call it the Toilet Bowl). As a member of this league since day one, we have evolved from a 8 team league with a bunch of 10 year olds, to now a 12 team league with a group of idiotic degenerates who are always looking to trade rape one another. I personally have won this league twice, but I have also received the Toilet bowl twice as well. When you have the worst team in the league, just get ready to be absolutely shit on in your group chat, it gets pretty hostile on Whatsapp.

Anyway, if this is your first time playing fantasy football, especially in a competitive league, I would love to inform you with some information, just so you know what you're about to get into:

  • Trade proposals every day

  • At least 600 unread messages every day in your group chat

  • Arguments about teams cheating or the good old "Collusion" dispute

  • A hefty buy in at the beginning of the season

  • Getting embarrassed on the daily if you make a dumb lineup decision

  • Last place finishers, get ready for hell

Thats all the advice I can give you so far, I'll be back soon to make sure you guys are prepared the upcoming NFL

season(hopefully COVID-19 doesn't fuck us over). For now, here are some pictures from my league.(2010-2019)

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