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The Most Underrated Event To Bet On

Major League Eating (MLE) (Yes this an actual league and not bullshit) has just announced that the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hotdog Eating contest will be happening this Year on July 4. James Walker, Nathan’s Famous Senior Vice President, said in a statement, “We’re ecstatic to make the announcement that the Hot Dog-Eating Contest will take place this year.” With the future of sports in 2020 still unknown, this event has given hope to the sports betting community. The event will be broadcasted live on ESPN The Ocho. Twelve time world champion Joey Chestnut and six time world champion Miki Soto will compete. Chestnut has won twelve of the last thirteen events for the guys and Miki is currently riding a six year championship streak.

This year, Nathan’s plans on donating 100,000 hotdogs to New York City food banks and will be focused on raising money and awareness for food banks all across the country.

Current Odds:

Prop: Yes Odds: No Odds:

Will Joey Chestnut Win the 2020 Nathan’s Contest? -900 +500

Will Miki Sudo Win the 2020 Nathan’s Contest? -550 +325

Will the Men’s Contest go to Overtime/Eat Off? +800 -2500

Prop Line Over Odds Under Odds

Men’s Winner – Hot Dogs Eaten 71.5 -140 +100

Women’s Winner – Hot Dogs Eaten 37.5 -140 +100

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