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  • Oliver Pine

The Modern Playbook: Play 4


Twilight Zone

Success Rate:100%

Attracts: All women who like being flattered

Requirements: A pair of brass balls, a tinder match

Prep Time: However long it takes to get the match

Bummers: Limited to online interactions

The Play:

  1. Match with a girl on Tinder

  2. Message first: “Yo ____, I have something very important to ask you.”

  3. Wait for a reply back. You know you’ll get one.

  4. When she asks what’s good, say “Honestly, you got me. I don’t really have anything important to ask you. You’re just really pretty and I figured I’d get a reply if I wrote something intriguing, but how’s your day today?”

  5. She will be flattered by the compliment and flustered by your boldness. YOU’RE IN!


  1. Honestly this can give off simp vibes, but it’s not simping if it works and you don’t actually care about her

  2. The reason it’s called the Twilight Zone because that loser from Twilight isn’t that good looking, he’s just mysterious and that’s why stoneface is into her

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