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  • Oliver Pine

The Modern PlayBook: Play 3


"Tee Ball"

Success Rate:97%

Attracts:Girls who have a weird relationship with their ex

Requirements:Sleeping near a girl who’s into you after a party

Prep Time:N/A

Bummers:It counts, but like does it really?

The Play:

  1. Lock on target, and make sure when the party's over, she is sleeping in the same vicinity. 

  2. The authors are not sure where to go from here.

  3. If she reciprocates, YOUR IN!


  1. Don’t be a creep with it, if she’s into it cool, don’t push anything, ultimately be a decent, respectful human

  2. It's the TEE BALL because your like the little unathletic kid in a tee ball game who accidentally runs to third instead of first (so essentially you skip first and second base, running the bases backwards)

  3. In some cases it works, but I wouldn’t recommend it

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