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The Modern Playbook: Play 1

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Once Quarantine started, I decided to create a "Modern Playbook" of how to get girls in the Q. Since the Q is almost over, I've decided to share some of the legendary ways of getting girls on social dating apps like Tinder, J-date, Christian Mingle (not saying I have ever used it), and Bumble. So, here is your play of the week for this week:

The “I Know You”

Success Rate: 76%

Attracts: Girls who like Jewish geography,

Requirements: Mad Jewish Geography skills

Prep Time: N/A

Bummers: Easy to be brushed off

The Play:

  1. Identify an attractive girl (either on the app or in a bar)

  2. Walk over (or text her) and say “Hey, I know you! Rachel, right?”

  3. At this point there are two possibilities:

  4. They are named Rachel, and they bug out, and so you have to recover and say “you look like your camp friend’s home friend that I met down the shore. Do you happen to be from _____? You look familiar”

  5. They act confused, and you say “you look really familiar, you look like my camp friend’s home friend that I met down the shore, you don’t happen to be from ______ do you?

  6. If they ask what camp you go to or play Jewish Geography... You’re in!


  1. Must have insane Jewish Geography skills.

  2. This play can also work on social media apps through messaging the girl instead of talking to her.

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