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  • Oliver Pine

The Legend of John Mayer

If you haven't heard of John Mayer by now, thats probably because he has left the spotlight in the past ten years. However, if you know the songs "Waiting on the World To Change," "Daughters," "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room," and most notably "Gravity," than you 150% know of John Mayer. All of these songs are instant classics. However, the legend of John Mayer (who now lives in Montana and is mostly out of the Music Industry) still lives on. Mayer bursted onto the music scene in the late 90's as someone who was set to take over the Rock/Pop genre. Since he got big in the early 2000's he dated numerous celebrities and has at least 3 Taylor Swift songs dedicated to his honor. Then, he said and did some bad things that he should not have done and completely left Hollywood for Montana. Still to this day, Mayer is one of the best musicians of the 2000's with numerous hits that are still playing on the radio today. Think of him as the musical version of Jay Cutler. In conclusion, John Mayer can still get most girls around the world to fall to their knees when he signs Gravity, so that is someone that I would not mind being when I grow up (expect I would not do what he did to make himself leave Hollywood).

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