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The King of Staten Island Review

After a long, long wait (thanks to Quarantine), "The King of Staten Island" finally came out to watch on demand. Although iTunes was not selling it for cheap, it was definitely worth the $20 rental. As described by Pete Davidson (SNL), who stars in the movie, its a love letter to his family. Davidson plays the role of Scott, whos father passes away when he was younger fighting a fire. The movie revolves around Scotts life as a 24 year old who is still doing drugs living in his mothers basement. Davidson shines in the movie as if he was meant for the movie (which isn't false considering the movie is based off of his actual life). Director Judd Apatow does a great job in with the movie. All of the characters are very unique and interesting and its a really fun movie to watch. My one and only complaint with it is that feels a little long. The movie doesn't really pick up until about half way through. However, once it picks up it doesn't stop. The ending of the movie is also really well done. Overall, I would definitely recommend this movie to watch if you are tired of watched episodes of The Office, Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

Rating: 7.3/10

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