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  • Oliver Pine

The Glee Curse

Nearly 7 years ago, the death of Cory Montieth shook the entertainment world we knew. After that, there was the start to a curse popularly known as "The Glee Curse."

In July of 2013, reports came out saying that glee star, Corey Montieth, who played Finn Hudson, died due to a drug overdose. This death took the world and the glee fans by storm and was the first of many more to come.

Nearly five years later, in 2018, Mark Sailing, who played Puck, was found dead in his apartment. Sailing hung himself after just being out of jail for receiving and possessing child pornography.

Sailing wasn’t the end of the curse, just a couple of weeks ago, Naya Rivera went missing after a day on her boat with her son. Her son was found by himself on the afternoon of July 8th, while Rivera was declared dead a week later on July 13th. Rivera died by an accidental drowning and the whole world was shocked.

Cory Monteith, Mark Sailing, and Naya Rivera were three of the main cast members of Glee who have lost their lives since being on the show. Other producers and writers of the show have also lost their lives in the since 2013. All of their lives and memories will always be remembered and their legacy left from Glee will be how the world remembers them.

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