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The Future of College Sports in the Fall

There are many doubts as to what the future of college sports may look like in the coming year. With COVID-19 cases soaring and colleges starting to make plans as to how their school year reopening will entail, two conferences have announced their plans as to what they intend to do.

First is the Ivy League. Many Ivy League schools are transitioning into an online-only school year as announced by schools such as Harvard and Yale. This, therefore, decides how athletics will be in the fall easy. The Ivy League is canceling all fall sports for the upcoming year. I am friends with a kid who is going to Harvard to play football and I feel terrible for him and all of the other athletes who looked forward to playing, especially the incoming freshman who were gonna play. Although the Ivy League does not produce some of the high-level talents as other power five schools do, I am very sad to know that I will not see another environmental protest happen during the middle of a football game this year (referencing Harvard vs Yale last year).

Second is the Big Ten.  I could not be more pleased with the outcome of this one. As an incoming student at Indiana University (Go Hoosiers), the spirit towards their athletics is important and that was one thing that made IU stand out for me when looking at schools. Along with IU, the rest of the Big Ten also has a great spirit towards their sports and it is really why it is such a good conference. Most if not all schools in the conference have a plan to return to campus so this allowed the conference to potentially come up with a plan to let the athletes play. What they came up with is that for all fall sports, it will be conference play only. I like this move a lot as it will turn up the intensity as conference play is what matters.Thank you Kevin Warren, because of this I can watch Tom Allen (hopefully) lead IU to another bowl game. I would run through a brick wall for coach Allen honestly. The move by Warren automatically puts him above Jim Delaney, what a piece of shit job he did as commisioner.

As for the other conferences in college sports no final decision has been made. It will be interesting to see though what happens with the rest of college sports in correspondence with COVID-19.

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