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  • Oliver Pine

Stonks Pt: 2

What’s good guys? It’s your boy Oliver back here with another stonk pitch. Let’s get it!

Have you guys ever wished for a website that, with one simple click, you could order a crazy variety of products? From groceries, to clothes, to that two gallon jar of vaseline you bought at CVS self-checkout last week (hey I don’t judge). A website that undercuts its competitors by offering you dirt cheap prices? Yeah, of course you have, that’s why today we’re gonna be talking about Amazon Mercadolibre (MELI).

What the fuck is MercadoLibre? Is it just a shitty Amazon ripoff that only operates in South and Central America? Yeah, but who gives a shit if it helps put money in our pockets, you know what I’m saying?

Let’s talk catalysts for growth up in this bitch. MercadoLibre reported incredible results for the year of 2019, delivering an increase of 85% in revenue on a constant currency basis. This unto itself is an incredibly impressive accomplishment. However, what really catches my eye here is MELI’s shift from a pure e-commerce platform to starting to dominate the payments business.  

It’s payment platform MercadoPago saw an almost 99% increase in payments volume in constant currency terms year on year. This particular platform is currently experiencing unprecedented growth in this incredibly high margin market sector, providing insane growth potential for the company.

I think you’re all kind of bored of this pitch at this point so I’m not gonna ramble on about off-platform monetization or financing branches of the company. Instead I’m gonna make this shit real simple: Buy MELI, make money.

**legal disclaimer: I am in no way qualified to give financial advice, if you wanna do stupid shit with your money that’s on you pal**

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