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Should The Nets Play in Orlando?

For a fan base that is dying to win a championship, they should probably know that this will not be the year that they are going to do so. To start, the Nets do not have star players Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant as they are sitting the tournament out to wait for next season. However, now the Nets are also missing DeAndre Jordan, Wilson Chandler, and Nicolas Claxton. Now you add Spencer Dinwiddie to the mix who tested positive for COVID-19 and sitting out for the rest of the season. Is it worth it for the Nets to even go? Now yes, they still have Caris LeVert but if I am Brooklyn, is it worth it to send your star alone to play in the tournament if he has no backup. What happens if LeVert gets injured and has to miss all season. Think about how deadly a healthy Brooklyn Nets team would be. They are easily favored to win the East next season and if they would lose LeVert for the season, it would be a bummer but would not fully hurt their chances to win it all next season.

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