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  • Oliver Pine

Rachel From "Boy Meets World" is in a new type of Film Industry.


One of the most famous Eric Matthews quotes of the hit 90's TV Show "Boy Meets World" is exactly how I am feeling right now. When I was reading Daily Mail earlier and saw an article titled "Former Boy Meets World actress Maitland Ward, 43, reveals how becoming a porn star 'allowed her to be herself and saved her from Hollywood" I was instantly intrigued because I love the show "Boy Meets World.

If you haven't read the article, in short, Rachel in "Boy Meets World" does porn now. Honestly, I was shocked reading the article. But after my read, its interesting to see how people who star on "Teen" television change. Take Lindsey Lohan for example, she was a huge star in the early 2000's who ended up having drug and alcohol issues and went to rehab due to the stress and pressure of being a big star in Hollywood. Brittany Spears is another prime example of that. But honestly good for Maitland Ward for finding an escape from Hollywood. It just wasn't the escape I thought it would be. Honestly opinion, I thought her escape would be like owning a winery or going to do charity work in Africa. But I think that was just her on screen character. But I am glad that she can do what she loves without having to succumb to the pressure of being an actress in Hollywood.

Ward is now in a 3 hour long "movie" called "Drive," and I had no clue they made those kind of videos longer than 20 minutes. And she has been nominated and won numerous awards for her acting in the movie. I do not ever think I will forget this now but kudos to you Maitland Ward for doing what you love and not letting Hollywood get the best of you.


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