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Puig to Atlanta

The most outrageous playing to play in baseball since 2012 is on the movie once again and has found a new home in the ATL. Yasiel Puig, former LA Dodger, Cleveland Indian and Cincinnati Red, has found a new home on the Atlanta Braves for a one year contract. Puig, 29, was rumored to have interest from the Giants and Marline pre Covid-19 shutdown but has found a new home. This is a big signing for the braves who are very thin on their Outfielder depth chart after Nick Markakis opted out and rookie outfielder Christian Pache jammed his ankle a few days ago. The Braves, who signed big-bat Marcell Ozuna away from the Cardinals a few months ago, now have two huge hitters in the outfield and can keep both in the lineup each day with the universal DH now in play. This is a big move for Atlanta who is already top contenders in the NL East (and my wild-card prediction for this season). A red Puig Braves jersey might look pretty good in my jersey collection, but thats a story for another time.

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