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Potential Jamal Adams Trade Packages

After ongoing complaints made by Jamal Adams and his team about not being paid by the New York Jets, the star safety requested a trade. After requesting the trade he gave a list of teams that he would like to go to. Those teams were the Ravens, Chiefs, Cowboys, Eagles, 49ers, Texans, and Seahawks. Yes, so basically he is trying to go to a team that is trying to win now. These are some trade packages that really intrigue me as a Jets fan if Jamal really decides that he doesn’t want to be in NY. 

The first destination I think Jamal prefers is Dallas. He grew up in Dallas his whole life and last week he even posted a picture in Texas with the caption, “I luv it here!”. I feel that if the Jets work a trade with Dallas it could benefit both sides. A trade package that I would propose would be Michael Gallup and a 5th rounder for Jamal Adams and a 1st round pick. The Cowboys need another safety to play alongside HaHa Clinton Dix, and to be honest the rest of their defense isn’t really that good. Their offense is already so talented with guys like Dak, Zeke, and Amari. Dallas also drafted WR Ceedee Lamb with their first pick so giving up their #2 receivers wouldn’t really hurt them. The Jets also need a number one WR. Denzel Mims as a rookie has lots to prove and Breshad Perriman will look to be a number one. But Gallup could be the guy that comes in from day one and becomes Darnold’s favorite target. 

Although the Jaguars weren’t one of the teams on Jamal’s list, there is still a pretty good package for both sides. After the 2020 season concluded, Jags DE Yannick Ngakoue requested a trade from the team. Although he didn’t list any teams that he would prefer to go to, he did mention on an Instagram picture that his mom lives in NY and wouldn’t mind going over there. I think the Jets send over Jamal and a 4th for Yannick and a 2nd. This trade makes sense for both franchises. The Jets have been needing a dominant pass rusher for a long time while the Jaguars could use some help with their secondary after trading AJ Bouye to the Broncos and Jalen Ramsey to the Rams. 

The last potential trade I got is Jamal to Cleveland. Cleveland has a lot of pieces on the offensive end like Odell, Jarvis, Nick Chubb, Austin Hooper, and Baker. However, similar to the Jags, their defense could use some work and adding the best safety in the league would do a lot. I think that if the Jets were really looking to upgrade at the corner position they could look to add Denzel Ward. The CB position hasn’t been a very good position for the Jets and bringing in Ward and having him play alongside a healthy Pierre Desir and Brian Poole would be something I’m sure most Jets fans would like to see. So the package I have is Denzel Ward and a 2nd for Jamal Adams. This trade benefits both sides.

As I conclude this article and look at the framed Jamal Adams autographed LSU jersey in my room, I really hope that Jamal decides that it is best for him to stay in the Big Apple. But however, if he does decide to leave, the Jets have to do everything to get the best player possible and a first round pick.

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