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Playoff Prediction: 2020 World Series

New York Yankees vs Los Angeles Dodgers. The one matchup everyone has wanted for the past 5 years. And I do believe that we will finally get the series. It will be everything anyone has ever wanted. NY vs LA, Cole vs Kershaw, Bellinger vs Judge, Torres vs Lux, Chapman vs Jensen. However, it will come down to the starting pitching in this series and who can navigate the matchups better. As great of a manager as Aarone Boone is, I think he will make a crucial mistake managing during game 7 (similar to the one that Joe Maddon made with the cubs in 2016 for pulling Hendricks too early), that Dave Roberts will not make and it will be the fatal flaw in the New York Yankees season. However, I hope I am wrong and it will come down to extra innings in game 7 to decided who wins. Another one that I might have to coin flip.

Winner: Los Angeles Dodgers in 7. Again, experience in baseball (especially in the post season is crucial) and the dodgers have already been there twice in the last 3 years (and Price won it all in 2018). So I am going to go with the Dodgers as your 2020 Major League Baseball Champions.

Dont agree with me, comment below and share your thoughts.

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