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  • Oliver Pine

Original Red Power Ranger Returns

When I was a little kid, every year for Halloween I would dress up as the Red Ranger from whatever Power Rangers Series was on that year. From Dino Thunder to Jungle Fury (2004-2008), that was my halloween costume. Then I realized how much I hate halloween (until I fell in love with it again at college, cause college halloween is awesome). However, I was recently scrolling through twitter and saw that the Original Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is returning for a team up episode in the fall of the current season of Power Rangers (Power Rangers Beast Morphers). Yes, you read that right, all of you Ranger fans who claim you grew out of Power Rangers but secretly still watch old seasons after getting stoned every night. Jason, the OG Red Power Ranger, is coming back for an episode in the fall and I cannot wait. Even though the acting in Power Rangers is horrible and the show itself is corny and for little kids, every Ranger fan has been 18 years to see Jason return since he was on the "Forever Red" episode of Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002. Now, I don't really know what the plot of the episode will be but if Jason is in it (the rumor is he will be on episode 13), there's no way I am not watching it when the episode airs in the fall. The episode is already out in the UK so if you want to see it early, just google it and watch it illegally (I cannot guarantee you wont get any viruses on your phone though). Its Morphinominal!

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