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NFL Not Allowing Post Game Jersey Swaps

So I guess the NFL is just an organization lost in its ways right now. With the COIVD-19 pandemic only getting worse in a majority of the states in the US, pro sports are still a go. The worst part of it all is that the NFL just came out with a statement saying that players cannot embrace each other after the game and they NFL will not permit players to swap jerseys at the end of the games due to wanting to distance the players after the game. Look, I get the NFL's logic "play the game than get out and go home", but you would think that after playing a 60 full contact football game, the players can get at least 5 more minutes to swap jerseys. I think its ridiculous that they cannot do this. What is 5 more minutes for players to talk to their peers in the league and swap jerseys if they are already playing a full contact game for 60 minutes. Honestly if one guy has the virus and plays in the game, everyone on the field will get it, by then its too late and whats an extra 5 minutes going to do if the player is already in contact and is going to get the virus. Thats just my logic on it is that players should be granted 5-10 minutes to greet after the games and swap jerseys, cause by than its too late. Don't agree with my take on it, continue the conversation below and let me know your thoughts.

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