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NCAA Bans on Mississippi

On Friday, the NCAA announced that states would not be allowed to host championship events if the confederate flag is a prominent, sanctioned symbol. Currently, Mississippi is the state impacted by the ban. Although the NCAA has a policy similar to this that has been in place since 2001, venues from Mississippi could host championships if the Mississippi teams obtained a high enough seed or ranking.

This loophole has allowed the state of Mississippi to continue to profit from these championship events without changing anything at all. In the same year as the first ban, Mississippi held a statewide referendum to determine if the citizens favored keeping the flag. An overwhelming majority of the people favored keeping the flag and Mississippi did not make any changes. With this new ban in place, Mississippi is now banned from hosting any championship events regardless of circumstances until they change their flag.

Recently, the NFL has tried to strengthen relations between the league and the players. The NFL admitted the wrongdoing they caused by suppressing players’ freedoms. With this in mind, do you guys think the NCAA passed this ban with hopes of correcting their past mistakes? Will the economic impact of the ban cause a change?

We can only wait and see, but I believe the NCAA is doing the right thing by fixing the ban in order to serve its purpose.

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