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NBA Revival

As I try to write this my phone is constantly blowing up with Shams and Woj bombs, which can only mean one thing: The NBA is back! It has been 96 days since the last NBA game was played and 98 days since Rudy Gobert tried to make light of COVID-19 by touching every microphone in sight. A few major events that have happened since then:

  1. The NBA has announced their plan to finish their season in the magical city of Orlando.

  2. Kyrie Irving has tried to prevent the NBA from finishing their season in the magical city of Orlando.

As a Celtic fan there is no one in the NBA I hate more than Kyrie Irving. He’s a fucking terrible teammate, he’s a compulsive liar and most importantly, he can’t seem to comprehend the earth is not flat. The last one says something about Duke’s education. Since Adam Silver has announced his plan to bring sports back, Kyrie has only tried to make it more complicated. Kyrie has a valid point stating that “Restarting the NBA season will only move attention away from the BLM movement.” It is time for America to shape up and put an end to systemic racism, but Kyrie’s plan is not the answer. If anything the NBA players will be able to push their ideals with the whole world watching. Many major sports personalities have disagreed with Kyrie’s idea including Stephen A Smith and Lebron James. What's a better way to stick it to the country then by fighting a cause with the whole world watching while making a few million in the process that can be used to support the cause.

When it comes to Kyrie, things get complicated. About 3 weeks ago when the NBA season continuation was announced Kyrie immediately said he wouldn’t finish the season due to injury. So what is the real reason, injury or the movement. Kyrie is trying to use a smoke screen to hide the real reason, which is he cannot play anymore due to consistent injuries. Millions of people will be watching and the NBA has the platform and resources to reach racial equality. They just have to keep Kyrie busy by giving him a few moles and letting him examine a globe on the sideline. 

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