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NBA Restart Best Bets

So as the NBA is scheduled to finally restart on July 30th and team schedules are now out, the most important information just dropped yesterday. The betting lines. We have title futures, win totals, and many more to choose from. I'm going to release my 3 best bets for the restart of the NBA.

My first best bet is New Orleans Pelicans to make the playoffs at +290. We all know that the NBA is rigged and that they will do ANYTHING to make more money. I mean, that's why this restart was rushed so soon. Anyways, this makes so much sense. Who doesn't want to see more of rookie sensation Zion Williamson? I know I do. You know who else does? Adam Silver. If the Pelicans were to be the 8 seed this season, they would likely play the LeBron and the Lakers in the first round. We all see a great series there but all NBA executives and Adam Silver see is $$$$$$$$.

My second best bet is from the first games in the restart. As we can see, both the Pelicans and the Clippers are favored by 1 point in a very even matchup. The Pelicans are going to need this game much more than the Jazz do so I would take them here at -112 on the Moneyline. In the other game, we have the battle of the two LA teams. In this season, we have seen the Clippers beat the Lakers twice out of their three games. In my opinion, on the first day back from this extensive break, I think LeBron and the Lakers get it done. My best bet in these games is Pelicans Moneyline and Lakers +1. Since the odds are so similar, I like the +1 with the Lakers because it is a push if the Clippers win by 1 in a close game.

Now we move on to the title odds. As we all can predict, the Bucks, Lakers, and Clippers have much smaller odds than the rest of the NBA. For value here, I love the Celtics at +2000 and the Raptors at +2400. They both have the coaching and the talent to do it. I lean more towards the Celtics here just because I believe they have more talent than the Raptors. My best bet here, though, would probably be the Lakers at +260. They are just so good and it makes so much sense. LeBron James in his 17th season winning his 4th ring. It just all adds up. I think that the Lakers have much more experience than the Clippers do and an overall better team for the playoffs. As for the Bucks, Giannis is an animal but I just don't think they can even beat the Celtics. My predictions for the NBA Finals would be Lakers over the Celtics in 6 games.

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