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NBA Bubble Life

As of the day I write this article, it will have been one week since every NBA team has arrived in the bubble at Disney. I have to give the NBA a lot of credit for pulling this off. Adam Silver was an adult here and not acting like a petty little bitch like his pal Rob in the MLB. When looking at the bubble through social media the big thing everyone criticized was the food. Yeah, meal one didn’t look great but everyone was settling in.  Don’t worry the meals from what I saw on social media got much better over the coming days. 

Players also can do some pretty nice activities in the bubble. They can fish, play golf, get on a boat, play arcade games, and overall have the ability to enjoy themselves. What I love already is that some funny shit has happened in the bubble. It has not taken long for these players to make themselves a meme in this thing. Here are three events that occurred in the bubble that the internet loved or bashed players on.

First is Philly’s Ben Simmons who went fishing. As I stated before this was allowed, but Ben made a big error. After preceding to catch the fish he threw it back in the water. However though his dumbass threw it in with the wrong hand so he backhanded it and it hit the dock before going into the water. I mean we know Ben has problems with his jumper anyway, but Ben. The ocean, you missed the damn ocean.

Second is the shot-gunning contest between JJ Redick and Myles Leonard. My heart warmed up inside as I saw that these players were truly enjoying themselves. Redick posted a video of himself shot-gunning a Bud Light in the cold tub after practice while his teammates were saying “this is the one.” It wasn’t that great of a performance and it for sure did not beat Myles Leonard. Dubbing himself as the “king of the bubble”, Leonard opted for a Coors Light to shotgun. He hammered that shit, making Redick look like a child. Nevertheless, I hope for more competition as time goes on in the bubble.

Lastly is Richaun Holmes. For those of you that do not know he is a player for the Sacramento Kings that was in the mood for some takeout. So for some stupid reason he leaves the bubble to go get some carryout and because he left,  he must quarantine himself for 10 days. I mean yeah there was controversy with the food at first but players have admitted to overreacting and saying it was fine. If you are that hungry go get some Mickey Mouse waffles. If you have not been to Disney I highly recommend having those once as breakfast if you can.

So one week in and the bubble has already made headlines in the sports world. As the NBA start time gets closer and closer each day I hope no one does anything else that is dumb so we can have basketball.

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