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My Take on the Rap Game

These times are crazy. After being quarantined in my house for months, I can’t be the only one who has picked up some new hobbies. I’ve watched countless episodes of Survivor, started working out more, and even picked up golf once the ranges started opening up. But the number one thing that has consumed my time and can easily become yours too is my new interest and perspective on today’s hottest music.

The way I achieved this was that I would FaceTime some friends and we’d select an album to review. Depending on the night, the group of people would change, but we’d always listen to the songs and then rate and talk about our opinions after. I’ll be honest, people don’t always think I have the best takes because often people look to lyrical wizards and vibe setters, while I just want to bump “bangers” (songs that absolutely “slap” (hit hard in a positive way)). But obviously, that’s not going to stop me from sharing these takes.

1. Travis Scott is the GOAT, no question!

Days before Rodeo on SoundCloud is probably my favorite album right now. And this is one of several terrific albums from the Houston native. Songs from Rodeo, birds in the trap, and of course, ASTROWORLD, can all be played at any time. Some of my personal favorite Travis songs include Quintana P2, Drugs You Should Try it, Apple Pie, 90210, Pray 4 Love, STARGAZING, STOP TRYING TO BE GOD, through the late night, and my guilty pleasure, lose. I really don’t know why I like it so much, I just do. Steady with the crew...

2. DaBaby and YoungBoy just aren’t it

Between these two rappers, there are definitely some songs that can be considered “bangers.” VIBEZ, BOP, Make No Sense, etc. all are pretty solid. However, I just don’t really understand the hype around these guys. All of their songs sounds similar, especially with DaBaby, who sounds the exact same in every song he puts out. YoungBoy doesn’t make any sense (no pun intended) and while I can appreciate some nice mumble rap here and there, I just don’t like his flow at all.

3. Uzi and Lil Baby round out my Top 3

Eternal Atake was fantastic and in my opinion the best album of the year so far. Strawberry Peels, Yessirski, Bean, Prices, P2, and Venetia all are great in their own ways. I always liked Uzi, but this album brings Uzi up in my overall rankings because certain songs fit certain vibes and even though I said I’m not as into the lyrical component, the message behind it all is just at another level. Now onto the unpopular opinion, at least amongst my close friends. Lil Baby is elite, My Turn and Drip Harder are both incredible albums. Lil Baby is who you want to listen to in the car when you are getting hyped for your basketball game. Lil Baby can get you lit. Lil Baby speaks to you when you’re in your feels. Lil Baby is the man.

Well there it is. These are just some of my opinions about music right now. I may not be an expert, but bump some of these songs at your next party, hangout, car ride, or wherever else and you’ll probably be content.

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