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MLB Postseason Predictions: Wild Card

As I promised in my article yesterday, here are my 2020 postseason predictions (if there is to be a normal playoff format. If not, ill make a revised format)

American League Wild Card Round: Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays

Now this was a tough one, easily the Rays are going to be 2nd in the AL East (Only behind the yankees) and they were a playoff team last year as well so putting them as the number 4 seed was a no brainer. Especially with their pitching staff being mostly the same as last season. But the 5 seed was very hard to pick. For me, it came down to the Angels, The Chicago White Sox, and the Cleveland Indians (also close on my list were the Texas Rangers and Oakland A's). However, I went with the Angels because they just added Anthony Rendon to an already good lineup and new manager Joe Maddon knows how to win. The Blue Jays are also only a year or two away from being competitors, but I hope I'm wrong.

Winner: Tampa Bay Rays. What will be a close game but Blake Snell will throw a complete game and the Rays will win.

National League Wild Card Round: Atlanta Braves at Chicago Cubs

And I thought picking the AL wildcard was hard. This one was worse. I have the Cubs as my number 4 team not only cause I am a cubs fan but I believe that the Cubs can make it back to the playoffs (however, they will not win the NL central). Now the Braves are going to be a vary controversial pick due to how hard of a schedule they will face. Plus they also have added Cole Hamels to go with an already good rotation and have all their young core back. Plus, the Brewers and Mets do not have as good of pitching as they did last year so they both will not make it. The Reds experience is going to hurt them. The Diamondbacks wont be able to handle the schedule with ease. And the Phillies and Padres will both be around .500 but are two teams to definitely keep an eye on. Every playoff team will win over 42 games this season.

Winner: Chicago Cubs. Experience over Youth in this one. Cubs know how to win in the playoffs and the Braves got swept last year against the cards. But Mike Soroka vs Yu Darvish should be one heck of a matchup at Wrigley Field. But i'll take Darvish at home against any team in the NL after the stats he put up to end last season. No doubt. Plus, have you seen Anthony Rizzo lately, dude got jacked.

Check back tomorrow for my predictions on the Divisional Round! Dont agree with my picks, then comment below and let me know who you think will be the 4 wild card teams (asuming its a 5 team playoff per league).

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