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MLB Playoff Predictions: Divisional Series

Just to remind you if you forgot, my two wild card matchups were the Angels against the Rays and the Braves against the Cubs. I picked the Rays and Cubs to win, so lets see who they are matching up against.

American League Divisional Round:

Tamps Bay Rays vs New York Yankees

The Yankees will undoubtedly be the top team in the American League, its without question. Plus, the matchup in the divisional last season had the Rays almost beating the "mighty" Houston Astros. However, the Yanks will be the top seed in the AL and will face the Rays in the divisional round.

Winner: Yankees in 4. This isn't that hard of a series in my opinion, but I do think the Yankees take both games in the Bronx and win game 4 in Tampa to move on.

Houston Astros vs Minnesota Twins

This series will definitely be a good one as the twins are the MOST UNDERRATED TEAM IN THE MLB. They absolutely do not get enough credit for what they have done in the last few years. Now, they have a great rotation, signed Josh Donaldson and will have a 21 year stud Royce Lewis playing short for them this season (the first overall pick in the 2017 MLB draft). They are going to be dangerous. As for the Astros, even though they do not have Garrett Cole, they will still be good but they wont be able to beat the Twins without cheating...

Winner: Twins in 5. Will be a close series but Twins will win it in game 5 up in Minnesota.

National League Divisional Round:

Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Dodgers:

Game 1 will be Kyle Hendricks vs Walker Bueller. Mark my words. This series might be electric. Another Chicago vs LA postseason series will be a fun one. Baez vs Bellinger, Bryant vs Turner, Rizzo vs Muncey, Heyward vs Betts, Hoerner vs Lux, Kimbrel vs Jensen, new manager David Ross vs seasoned vet Dave Roberts. I cannot wait to see this play out, if my prediction is correct.

Winner: Dodgers in 5 games. Although it is in 5 games, I am going to pick the dodgers. They have the pitching staff to carry them and their roster looks just a little bit better than the cubs at this point. So many good storylines for what could be a great series.

St. Louis Cardinals vs Washington Nationals.

Cardinals and Nationals would be an insanely interesting matchup to see this year just like the last one. This is wayyyy to close to call so I might have to flip a coin...

Winner: Nationals in 5. Another 5 game series but the pitching of the Nats will be able to beat the Cardinals even with Jordan Hicks back. Just too tough of a matchup to analyze. Another could be great series.

Check back tomorrow for the My championship series picks.

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