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MLB Divisional Updates:

As Major League Baseball already concludes its first full week having a fully operational season, lets take a look at some of the teams that are surprising, and some of the teams that are just right.

To start, the Cincinnati Reds are a team surprising many people for the wrong reasons. They are currently 4-5 and for some reason just figured out how to beat the Detroit Tigers. Other teams in the NL Central preforming really well are the Chicago Cubs who are 7-2 but have a very shaky bullpen at the moment. Teams like Milwaukee and St. Louis are currently on COVID-19 pause due to positive tests on the Cardinals organization (aka Miami Marlins 2.0).

The Atlanta Braves are currently 7-3 and not disappointing anyone as they were my favorite to win the NL East. The Washington Nationals are mediocre which is a shock to nobody and the New York Mets are an absolute dumpster fire shit show. Again a shock to nobody but mets fans who thought this was "our year." Oh and one cannot forget about the Miami Marlins who are literally putting the MLB season in Jeopardy after a night out in Atlanta.

The NL West is now the most competitive division in baseball. The Dodgers are 7-3 which is tied for first with the 6-2 Colorado Rockies. Right behind them are the 6-4 San Diego Padres and the 5-5 San Francisco Giants. The Arizona Diamond backs are surprisingly bad right now at 3-7.

Over to the AL East where the Yankees are, to nobody surprise, leading the league at 7-1. The only other team that is underperforming is the Tampa Bay Rays who are 4-6. Some people would also say that Toronto is underperforming as well at 3-4 but I cant say I am too surprised because of how young and unexpierenced their core is.

The AL Central has the Twins in first (who are my ALCS pick) and behind them is a three way tie for second between the White Sox, Indians, and somehow the Tigers.

Finally, the AL West does not have cheaters anymore in Houston so that division is finally fair. Leading the way is Houston and Oakland who are both 5-4 and right behind them is Seattle at 4-6. I am disappointed as the Angels, who were my wild card pick, are 3-7 right now. But I guess I have to redo the playoff predictions anyway.

Thats it for your weekly MLB update, tune in next week where the Marlins will hopefully be playing again or they screwed the MLB over for the season when the league gets canned.

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