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  • Sam Spitz

Michael Keaton back as The Dark Knight?

This is a blog that I’m still very shocked to be writing.  Multiple sources are reporting that Michael Keaton, yes, you are reading that right, is reprising his role as Batman for the upcoming Flash solo movie starring Ezra Miller.  This news is beyond unexpected and just really shocking.  I do not think anyone, especially myself, ever saw a future where Michael Keaton, the original modern Batman, decided to don the cape once again.  

Here is what I think.  It has already been confirmed that the Flash movie will be an adaptation of the Flashpoint storyline from the comics that was also seen briefly on the CW Flash tv show.  This storyline sees The Flash a.k.a. Barry Allen goes back and time and majorly changes events altering the present in major ways.  Michael Keaton would 100% be a version of Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father, Batman from the comic book storyline.  However, the more plausible idea is that the DCEU is looking to utilize the idea of a multiverse in its films.  This could really make or break the DCEU.  There is one big risk and one big reward.  The DCEU is a mess as is and the chances of this multiverse furthering this mess are exponentially high. But, if they are able to pull this off properly they may just be able to clean up the mess and help establish a better future for the universe.

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