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Miami? Lennar Corp? Automatic?

What do you think of when you think about the city of Miami?

Strippers? Blow? Goran Dragic? Nah. What I think of is a huge construction company named Lennar Corp (LEN). Based out of the great city of Miami, FL, where the night clubs are big, and the houses are even bigger, comes a real estate and construction company that has grown tremendously in the past couple of years. After their acquisition of CalAtlantic Homes in 2017, they took the title of the nation’s largest home builder just like Corey Clement did to the 2018 Patriots in the Super Bowl. With an EPS of 1.65, a P/E ratio of 9.06, and a 0.81% Dividend Yield, this company seems like a great buy. I am not saying that this stock will shoot up like Urban One, but I can firmly say that this stock will see consistent upward growth. If you don’t trust me, trust the 55 fucking hedge funds who have bullish expectations of this stock. Even Zacks has it as a buy. With COVID-19, more and more people are trying to get out of urban and densely populated areas, and want to move to the suburbs. Who do you think is going to build those new homes? Supply and Demand morherfuckers. The demand is there now Lennar is about to supply.

As Gordan Gecko once said, “The most valuable commodity I know is information” so with the information I am giving you fucking hammer Lennar Corp. 

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