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Masters Air selling for 3K

Yes, you read that right, a bag of air from Augusta National Golf Course (where they play The Masters) is selling for almost $3,000. The actual number is $2,600 but 3K is more eye catching. Lets go break this down from a fundamental standpoint. 

  1. Someone is actually willing to buy air from Georgia, which confuses me because Georgia really isn't that great of a state (it's better than New Jersey, but why not California, Florida or even Alaska air)

  2. Who knows if it's actually air right from Augusta, it could be some guy breathing in a bag labeled “Masters Air”

  3. Why even buy a bag of air in the first place, last I checked you cannot get high breathing in “Masters Air.”

  4. Will it improve my golf game? I lost $10 the other week playing so if it will improve my golf game I might be interested if the price is right.

Anyway, hopefully people are not that stupid and buy a bag of air that is already 1 year old. It's probably pretty disgusting and I hope you shoot over an 100 for breathing in that air before you play. 

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