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Major League Baseball Is BACK!

Yes, you actually read that right. Major League Baseball is officially back with players reporting to "spring training" on July 1st. I honestly cannot be more excited. We are getting baseball in 2020. In my opinion, it is going to be a vary interesting thing for many reasons. First and foremost, its only 60 games. So a usual season is a "marathon", this season is going to be more of a sprint. Will that hurt teams who get off to a bad start. Last years world champion Washington Nationals were 19-31 through 50 games, so there is no way they would make the playoff this year (honestly I do not think they do anyway, even with a potential expanded playoff). Also, what happens with the playoffs (in a few days, ill give my predictions on playoffs and way too early postseason bracket based off a normal playoff), will there be 5 teams or expand to 6,7 or even 8.

Finally here are my top 5 storylines going into "spring training":

1) Will the revamped LA Dodgers (now with David Price and Mookie Betts) be able to win the National League.

2) What will be in store for the Houston Astros with Dusty Baker as their GM and without being able to cheat.

3) Who will win the NL Central (best division in baseball), the Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers, or the revamped Reds.

4) How will Garrett Cole fare pitching for the Bronx Bombers, and will they win the AL.

5) How will Covid-19 be a part of the season with players who might test positive during the season.

Keep the conversation going and be on the look out for much more MLB content coming soon!

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