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  • Evan K

Long Gone Summer

While most people remember Sammy Sosa for his home run battle in 1998 (yes, I did just watch Long Gone Summer because I’m a Cubs fan. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this), I don't remember him for that. I only remembered him for how his skin magically went from dark to light in the 2000’s. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fantastic hitter (in the steroid era) and the fact that he and Mark McGwire practically saved baseball after the 1994 lockout is also something else. But c’mon, do you know how hard it is to go from light to dark skin. And it is really hard, trust me, I've seen enough girls who try to get a spray tan before sorority rush starts. But the fact that he bleached his skin is ridiculous, I once bleached my shorts and it didn’t turn out well. How does one even come to decide that they are going to bleach their skin. Did he lose a bet, did he accidentally use bleach as soap, NO! But Sosa somehow managed to bleach his skin. Anyway, Long Gone Summer was fantastic and reminded me of a time before the cubs won the World Series (even though I was not alive). Definitely if you have nothing to watch and like "The Last Dance" go check out "Long Gone Summer."

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