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  • Danny Hubert

Logic Remains As One Of Hip-Hop’s Greats With “No Pressure” Release

My editor has asked me to limit my articles to only 450 words, but the truth is that 450 words does not give me enough time to properly explain Logic’s final album “Under Pressure.” I’d like to start this off by giving a warning, I am an incredibly devoted Logic fan, who has enjoyed just about every project he’s put out to date, so my opinion is going to be very subjective comparatively to others.

For those who don’t know anything about Logic, he has many different styles of production to reach a wide variety of audiences. His “Bobby Tarentino” projects represent his focus on club bangers as opposed to deeper meanings, working to appeal to a party vibe with very little meaning behind the lyrics said. His “Young Sinatra” entries represent his lyricism on a more personal level, with heavy lyrical flow and an emphasis on his connection to rap as a whole. His true “albums,” (which for the purpose of this article are “Under Pressure,” “The Incredible True Story,” “Everybody,” and “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”) put a spotlight on heavier topics such as racism, mental health, addiction, and his idea of the problems with fame. His albums also contain a singular story embedded within them, which tells a story of Logic’s music creation, an interstellar mission to find a new planet earth, and more. 

Using a combination of almost every aspect of his dischoreography listed above, with an emphasis on his “album” and “Young Sinatra” styles, Logic has perfectly crafted his farewell into 15 songs that encapsulate all that he is known and loved for, while delving into his new lifestyle as a father and a husband.

His lyrics depict a strong sense of confidence, as he currently feels he is in a place of clarity and happiness overall. He pays homage to his 2014 release “Under Pressure” with songs such as “Soul Food II” and “GP4.” Producer No ID perfectly adds his flavor of traditional hip hop beats and various instrumental sections into a project that encompasses a true going out party feeling. With songs like “Celebration,” Logic takes time to recognize how far he’s come in the rap game while tracks like “Dark Place” show his battle with depression and anxiety that he’s previously mentioned on other albums before it. 

Overall, “No Pressure” is every Logic fan’s paradise, with very few flaws conceptually and a plethora of creative bars to keep listeners on the edge of their seat for the entire hour and beyond. 

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