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Just a Bit Outside...

Baseball was back.

The Washington Nationals and the New York Yankees were the first game that kicked off the 60 game MLB season this past Thursday and going into the game the buildup was big. In a time where our country needs hope and strength, everyone turned to America's pastime to finally see some of the first true live sports since the pandemic shut down the country. For all of you MLS and golf fans who are complaining saying that “sports were already back” you can shut it. This is America's game in the nation's capital, that to me sounds like live sports are back.

The first pitch was especially hyped up since the man throwing it has been a huge part of figuring out how to slow the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Washington sports fan has been offered the honor to toss out the first pitch. It only seems fitting, a man who has been serving the country to try to solve one of its biggest challenges ever faced should get this honor. This was the perfect picture, except for the pitch.

Holy shit that was terrible. Not only did he one-hop it, but it also didn't even make the plate. I mean... I get it that he is an old guy but come on!  He was a couple of feet off the pitchers' mound I might add. At the end of the day however you can’t shit on him that much, he does have bigger problems to worry about.

Hopefully, our country can bounce back from this virus better than the pitch Dr. Fauci threw.

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